About Paul Rubio

Paul R. Rubio Biography:

Paul R. Rubio is an immigrant success story with the passion to help entrepreneur to access capital.  He is the founder of California Economic Club, an organization that helps companies to create jobs via strategic consultancy with global alliances such as Milken Global Conference, Digital Davos, and Global Strategic Partnership.  Mr. Rubio has spent more than 20 years of his life connecting with global leaders. 

Mr. Rubio is a co-founder of ChainBLX.IO, which is the platform that does due diligence for companies and projects. 

Mr. Rubio is a managing partner of Rubio Aviation Corp.  A private jet company which helps elite clientele in private jet purchases, management and charter in a global scale.  His current clientele includes royal families, head of movie studios, head of private equity firms, global politicians, global business leaders, head of States and global policy makers.

Mr. Rubio has spent several years as a trained actor and producer. 

Mr. Rubio also has healthcare marketing background for more than 10 years.  He has been successfully helping medical groups and doctor offices to grow their patients and increase the marketing exposure in the community.

Mr. Rubio is currently writing his first book about the challenges of being an immigrant entrepreneur and how to overcome the obstacles